SPOTLIGHT: Five more hospitals close to HIMSS Analytics Stage 7

Five more hospitals are on the verge of qualifying for Stage 7 on the HIMSS Analytics EMR Model, meaning they will have achieved a nearly 100 percent digital environment and are able to share best practices on how to leverage EMRs to achieve greater efficiency, a high level of patient safety and improved clinical outcomes. The hospitals first must pass a comprehensive site inspection by HIMSS Analytics personnel, triggered when they report reaching Stage 6 on the scale of 0 to 7. "What's striking about Stage 6 hospitals is the amount of different vendors that are represented. It's a very nice thing because it shows it's not the software, it's what you do with it," HIMSS Analytics CEO Dave Garets tells Healthcare IT News. The HIMSS subsidiary now is looking for ways to modify the criteria to export the scale to other countries. Article