Push continues for inclusion of mental health EMR incentives; HHS reviews privacy, security of research data;

> Advocates from the Behavioral Health IT Coalition held a briefing earlier this month in Washington, D.C., to push for expanding eligibility for the Meaningful Use incentive program that would extend Meaningful Use eligibility to psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, residential mental health facilities and other mental health care providers. Attending the conference was Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) who has introduced a bill (S. 539) to expand behavioral health-related incentives. Article

> The Department of Health and Human Services last week issued an advanced notice of proposed rule-making for comments on how to further protect human subjects in research. The notice addresses privacy and security of research information. Announcement

> CompTIA, a nonprofit IT trade association for the IT industry, said it will give certificates to professionals who complete healthcare IT training courses--preparing them for adoption of electronic health records. The training will focus on how to install, manage and troubleshoot equipment and software for electronic health record platforms. Article

> In an interesting example of garage app development, a Florida-based physician and his teenage son just launched an intriguingly simple mobile electronic medical record, iMobileHealthRecord. FierceMobileHealthcare

And Finally... What some people will do to avoid a copayment. Article