One year of EMR: How to adopt and adapt to technology; Public still differs on health reform, but most oppose defunding;

> FiercePracticeManagement editor Deb Beaulieu recently spoke with Randy A. Fink, MD, FACOG, medical director of the Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics & Gynecology, about his experience implementing Sage's Intergy EHR. Fink described the challenges, benefits and lessons brought in his group's EHR conversion thus far. FiercePracticeManagement

> Americans remain divided in their opinions of health reform, although most object to defunding the law, according to a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health. FierceHealthcare

> The Texas Legislature is mulling steep cuts to Medicaid payments to providers beginning in 2012. The proposed cuts include a 10 percent reduction in payments to hospitals and a 33 percent cut in payments to long-term care facilities. FierceHealthFinance

> One hundred and fifty six active duty Army soldiers committed suicide in 2010, according to data released by the Army on Jan. 20, and post-traumatic stress disorder continues to be a major problem among the active duty and veteran populations. In an effort to combat PTSD,  48 Army healthcare sites now use virtual reality as an alternative treatment. FierceGovernmentIT

And Finally... Quite the barn burner...if this were 1956. Article