Ochsner Health System to 'audition' EMR trainers

Here's a novel way to fill open positions for in-demand EMR experts: Entice applicants by holding a whirlwind one-day "audition" for EMR training positions.

That's the approach that New Orleans-based Ochsner Health System is taking to fill 200 short-term EMR trainer jobs. It's conducting a one-day "Big Break" tryout on January 21.

Applicants will go through speed interviews, participate in videotaped question and answer sessions and give a presentation. They'll be evaluated on their professionalism, presentation skills, communication skills, poise, attitude, teamwork and ability to think on their feet.

The tactic seems as though it would appeal to younger folks floundering in a troubled job market and who have been brought up on reality television and move-up-or-move-out contests such as American Idol.

Successful candidates will become trainers in EPIC EMR software at Ochsner, beginning February 6.

Interestingly, health information technology experience is not a prerequisite.

"Big Break gives professionals with little to no healthcare IT experience the chance to compete for a unique career opportunity; a big break into the healthcare IT industry," according to the audition website, which claims it is the only event of its kind. The website promises successful candidates that the job will give them the skills and experiencethey need to break into the growing HIT industry.

Ochsner is working in collaboration with recruiter Intellect Resources,

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