Meditech to expand, add 800 jobs, OIG warns against "cloned" documentation;

> Westwood, Mass.-based EMR vendor Meditech is in negotiations to lease 135 acres of land at a business park in Freetown, Mass., for a planned 180,000-square-foot office building that will house some 800 new employees starting in 2013. Article

> The HHS Office of Inspector General is warning against EMR users letting their Medicare patients' records appear "cloned." FiercePracticeManagement

> Three health systems in Camden, N.J., have started building a citywide EHR via health information exchange. Article

> The Joseph H. Kanter Family Foundation, Hollywood, Fla., is offering $5,000 in prize money for innovative ideas for sharing EHR data. Website

> Nuance Communications and IBM are teaming up to promote advanced natural language processing as a key component of EMR workflows. Press release

And Finally... As if politics wasn't enough of a soap opera already. Article