HIMSS asks Congress to put aside politics for health IT; U.K. establishing centers to ensure EHR use in medical research;

> HIMSS has asked for both Democrats and Republicans to acknowledge the importance of health information technology. The organization has requested that each party include in its national party platform that it supports the rapid adoption of health IT, "including electronic health records and secure health information exchange capabilities." Article

> William S. Underwood, senior associate with the American College of Physicians, recently outlined how even small physician practices can use their EHRs to conduct research and quality improvement activities. If opting to do so, he recommends choosing an EHR with this capability and entering data in a standardized and consistent manner. Blog post

> Ten government and charity funders in the U.K. are establishing four centers dedicated to ensuring the health records are front and center when it comes to medical research across the pond, UKPA reports. EHRs will be linked with other forms of research and data as researchers attempt to identify more effective ways to treat diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Article

And Finally... Maybe she really liked the pudding. Article