EHR training most sought-after skill in healthcare market

Good news for HIT staff; bad news for their bosses: Employers posted more than 15,000 online job ads for healthcare professionals to manage EHR systems, up 31 percent from last year and up 88 percent in the past two years, according to a report released by Wanted Analytics.

EHR training was the most sought after skill by healthcare employers, regardless of the type of opening. The most commonly  advertised job titles for healthcare professionals with EHR skills were:

  • registered nurses
  • nurse practitioners
  • family practice physicians
  • internal medicine physicians
  • physician assistants
  • hospitalists
  • medical billing coders
  • level II inpatient nurses
  • physicians
  • family medicine physicians

The report credited the uptick to the Meaningful Use EHR incentive program. The New York City area had the greatest increase in demand, with a 245 percent increase over last year. Other areas with the highest volume of listings for those with EHR skills were Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix and Boston. The average amount of time it takes to fill the positions is six weeks, according to the report.  

Inadequate EHR training has long been a bugaboo in the implementation of EHRs. So it's not surprising that healthcare organizations would want to hire staff who already possess this skill set.  Physicians have been vocal in their concern that faulty training is impeding their ability to transition to EHRs and achieve Meaningful Use attestation.

ONC has been working to increase the number of people in the workforce with EHR skills by promoting health IT training through its workforce development programs, such as curriculum development in community colleges and its support of non-degree programs.

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