CRG Medical Releases KBCore™ “Purple Button” Application on MioCARE Android Tablet for Healthcare

Houston – July 10, 2013 – CRG Medical, Inc., developers of web-based healthcare applications, today announces the release of its KBCore™ Common Formats “Purple Button” Patient Safety interoperability application on the MioCARE A105 Android Tablet for Healthcare. Preloaded with the KBCore™ Purple Button application and a hospital’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, the tablet allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to capture, encrypt and transfer patient safety information to the institution’s Patient Safety Evaluation System (PSES) in real time. Usable only within its designated facility, the solution provides an alternative to controversial “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies that create security concerns with proprietary medical data. The KBCore™ Purple Button application serves as the interoperability component that communicates patient safety event information from the hospital’s existing EHR systems to the PSES by populating Common Formats forms, either automatically or manually. With the Purple Button application integrated with the MioCARE A105 Tablet, doctors can record patient safety events with the device’s barcode scanner, voice recorder or photo capture functionalities. The collected information is instantly encrypted (via Direct Project or other technology provided by CRG Medical’s partners) so that it can be securely transferred to a PSES or sent to another integrated application. In addition, the Purple Button application’s ability to replace error-prone, paper-based event reporting, coupled with the tablet’s rugged, ergonomic design, make the solution ideal for use in high-volume, high-risk areas such as the emergency room (ER), the operating room (OR), and Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) facilities. Douglas Dotan, president and CEO, CRG Medical, said, “The growing ‘BYOD’ movement poses security issues for hospitals in particular, as more medical personnel are using personal devices, like smartphones, in the workplace to manage confidential information, such as patient safety data. The MioCARE Tablet, preloaded with the KBCore™ Purple Button interoperability application, provides doctors with a viable means of securely storing and transferring encrypted information in real time, while giving them the power to take a more proactive approach to patient safety.” Web-based and system-agnostic, CRG Medical’s KBCore™ Suite provides an innovative framework that collects, analyzes and integrates strategic patient safety information so healthcare facilities can review the data, create new knowledge and continually make improvements to particular processes. The application recently won first place in the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology’s Reporting Patient Safety Events Challenge 2.0. CRG Medical provides the MioCARE A105 Tablet through a reseller agreement with Infinite Skyz, LLC, a developer of enterprise mobility systems. The MioCARE A105 Tablet is water resistant, dust proof, drop resistant up to 3 feet, can be sterilized with alcohol, and has six hours of battery life. About CRG Medical, Inc. CRG Medical, Inc. is a healthcare information technology company based in Houston, Texas. CRG Medical designs and builds active safety solutions as components of an Integrated Strategic Patient Safety Evaluation System (IS-PSES) and provides the AHRQ Common Formats for Patient Safety Organization (PSO) customers. CRG Medical’s flagship solution, KBCore™, is a software platform that revolutionizes the way process improvement and safe practices are proactively addressed in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and physician offices. For more information, visit