Compuware: Clinical systems' login times often unbearable; Panel accepts Tiger Team security plan;

> Nearly half of hospital-based healthcare professionals surveyed by Compuware say the login process for clinical information systems is unacceptably long. Press release

> The federal Health IT Policy Committee has signed off on "urgent" recommendations by the recently established Privacy and Security Tiger Team for verifying user identities and protecting electronic patient data in HIEs. Article

> A New York Times feature on speech recognition and artificial intelligence notes that the number of physicians using such software for clinical documentation has tripled in the last three years. Article

> ClearPractice, a St. Louis-based vendor of software-as-a-service EMRs for small medical practices, has hired former Coker Group consultant Jeffery Daigrepont as its chief strategy officer. The company also added Tim Smith as marketing VP. Press release

> Apple enthusiasts take note: Aprima Medical Software and Edge EHR are teaming up to develop EMR and practice management systems specifically for the Mac OS, iPad and iPhone. Press release

> With federal grants supporting the formation of regional extension centers to help healthcare organizations adopt EMRs, we can't possibly report on all of them. But it's worth noting that one of the few financially self-sufficient health information exchanges, Cincinnati-based HealthBridge, is partnering with organizations in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana to assist an estimated 1,700 physicians. Article

And Finally... "Don't Tase me, bro" meets "Don't stab me, granny," and jurisprudence ensues. Article