SonderMind acquires Qntfy to bring machine learning to mental health care

SonderMind, the therapy matchmaker that hit unicorn status earlier this year, has acquired machine learning company Qntfy to bring predictive analytics to mental health care.

SonderMind connects patients and providers for in-person or virtual visits with the goal of making behavioral health services accessible to more patients. The acquisition will help providers on SonderMind’s platform deliver personalized, data-driven care to their patients, the company said in a statement.  

Qntfy collects mental health and biometric data from patients, pulling information from multiple sources like wearables and mobile apps and analyzes that data to identify treatment options.

“Qntfy was always rooted in making data work for the individual,” said Glen Coppersmith, Ph.D., founder of Qntfy, in a statement. “I am thrilled to be working with SonderMind to improve how data can also be used to create a more personalized, effective mental health system.”

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SonderMind will use Qntfy’s data learning tools to personalize mental health care to each user, allowing the platform’s providers to better focus on their patients, SonderMind told Fierce Healthcare in an email.

“With Qntfy’s enhanced data learning capabilities—combined with SonderMind’s clinically-effective tools—our providers are better equipped to deliver personalized care to their clients, ultimately providing better health outcomes,” the company wrote.

Denver-based SonderMind, created in 2017, reached a valuation “well north” of $1 billion in July after raising $150 million in its series C funding round.

SonderMind users are asked to complete a short questionnaire about their care needs, insurance and payment information, and the platform uses their responses to link them with licensed professionals.

The startup also supports providers in its network by handling their billing and payer interactions and ensuring they have the necessary tools to conduct telehealth visits.

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The company announced that Qntfy founder Glen Coppersmith will join SonderMind as its new chief data officer.

“We weren’t actively looking to be acquired at that point in time,” Coppersmith told Crunchbase News of earlier talks this year between the companies. “It was just so obvious that this is the right match. …And this thing moved relatively quickly once we realized that we are clearly attacking the same problem and the same challenge but coming to it from very different perspectives and very different techniques.”

“Recruiting Glen and the Qntfy team adds additional depth to the comprehensive SonderMind experience,” said Mark Frank, co-founder and CEO of SonderMind, in the company’s statement about the acquisition. “This ultimately gets people better more quickly, more effectively, and at less cost over time.”