Maven Clinic expands platform with new program dedicated to menopause care as more employers look to offer the benefit

Maven Clinic, the largest virtual clinic for family health, is expanding its services to include a dedicated program for menopause and ongoing care, the company announced Tuesday. 

Businesses can now offer their employees the specialized program, which includes nearly 1 million lives across 40 employers. It aims to fill gaps in care by identifying early symptoms, providing guidance on courses of treatment and virtual access to specialist providers. It also directs members to educational resources related to this health journey, the company said in a press release.

“The global community of women going through menopause is among the fastest growing cohorts in the workforce but remains the least supported by status-quo healthcare,” Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven Clinic, said in the press release. “Maven’s menopause offering increases access to quality, inclusive care while helping employers attract and retain talent and manage their healthcare and business costs.”

These benefits are of growing interest to employers, the company noted, given 1 in 5 employees are impacted by menopause. The condition could negatively impact people’s ability to succeed at work. Additionally, many menopause patients are left untreated, the company says. In a survey of more than 300 human resources leaders that Maven polled in July, more than half said menopause is a benefits priority. 

“The fact that even after seeking help from their provider, almost three out of four menopause patients are left untreated shows that it’s high time for a new approach,” Neel Shah, M.D., chief medical officer of Maven, said in the press release. “Maven is committed to ensuring the needs of menopausal women are heard and providing the care they deserve.” 

Maven has rapidly grown, reportedly becoming the first female-focused health startup to surpass a $1 billion valuation last year. It claims to serve approximately half of the Fortune 15 companies and works with major national and regional health plans, representing more than 15 million lives globally. In the midst of sweeping legal constraints on reproductive rights in the country, the company expanded its platform to support members exploring pregnancy options including abortion, as well as beefed up its reimbursement offering to allow employers to reimburse employees’ medical travel costs.