Magellan Healthcare, NeuroFlow team up on digital mental health program for members

Magellan Healthcare has partnered with NeuroFlow to launch a digital emotional well-being program accessible to all Magellan members. 

The program went live at the start of the new year and aims to be a self-help tool, enabling members to take charge of their own mental health and build confidence and stress-management skills. NeuroFlow supplies the technology via a member-facing platform, which can be accessed either via an iOS or Android app or web browser. 

Members who use the platform can access exercises that are meant to keep them engaged and can receive recommendations for resources based on their needs. Activities include evidence-based videos, behavioral trackers and digital cognitive behavioral therapy programs developed by Magellan. The program can also refer members to a care manager or therapist.

The collaboration between Magellan and NeuroFlow is not new, as the health tech company initially partnered with Magellan on a clinical decision support tool that supports approximately 1 million members that are currently in treatment. This program, however, has been opened up to all 12.5 million members, Chris Molaro, CEO and co-founder of NeuroFlow, told Fierce Healthcare. 

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The benefit of the platform is not only that it is readily accessible but also that its behavioral health resources are personalized to members. 

“You can meet them where they’re at, which today is a huge challenge,” Molaro said. 

Making their programs engaging, easy to use, accessible and secure is important to NeuroFlow, because “if people stop engaging with these tools and these resources and these exercises, they’re not going to see the benefits,” Molaro noted. 

According to NeuroFlow data on its cloud-based platform and approach, nearly 80% of users report symptom reduction. More than half of users report reduced fear and panic, and 80% report improved sleep after using Magellan’s digital cognitive behavioral therapy programs. 

“Magellan Healthcare has offered DCBTs recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for many years. This collaboration with NeuroFlow enables us to offer members a seamless wellbeing solution,” said Magellan’s Jeff Bringardner, senior vice president and general manager of commercial behavioral health, in an announcement.