HLTH21: Grand Rounds Health, Doctor on Demand rebrand combined company as Included Health

Grand Rounds Health and Doctor on Demand combined earlier this year and are now rebranding as Included Health.

The companies are aiming to integrate virtual care and navigation experience for their members. Robin Glass, president of Doctor on Demand, told Fierce Healthcare that the rebrand is intended to define more clearly what the two are looking to achieve "as a collective."

The logo for Included Health
(Included Health)

"I think we all came at this with the distinct feeling that we wanted to create a different kind of healthcare," she said.

The term "included" in the name takes on a dual meaning, she said. For one, it indicates to users that a diverse array of services is included within the company's umbrella, simplifying their care journey and making it easier for them to access what they need.

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In addition, "included" seeks to suggest an inclusive atmosphere in which patients of all kinds are welcomed and treated with respect, Glass said.

Shortly after the merger was announced, it was revealed the two companies intended to acquire a care concierge platform for LGBTQ+ patients, also called Included Health. The goal of that acquisition, the two said at the time, was to strengthen their ability to serve a diverse member population.

Alongside the rebranding news, the joint company released a survey that highlights the level of marginalization many patients feel in the current healthcare system. The survey of 2,000 adults found that 45% are prioritizing their health more as a result of COVID-19, but 43% said the healthcare system feels "exclusive."

A third (35%) said they want to find a doctor they can trust, the survey found, but a quarter described healthcare as confusing.

“Most of us feel marginalized by today’s healthcare, and it’s all about subtraction, taking things away from us,” said Owen Tripp, CEO of Included Health, in a statement. “So, we’re turning the existing model on its head. We’re adding—more of the right services at the right time with the right practitioners, more availability, more care, for everyone. All included.”