Field Trip, Nue Life team up to expand psychedelic treatment into the home

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy provider Field Trip Health is teaming up with telehealth and at-home ketamine treatment provider Nue Life Health to expand access to care. 

Through the partnership, the duo is offering Field Trip at Home, where patients can receive at-home psychedelic care with access to an interactive companion app and virtual aftercare programs. Field Trip at Home will be overseen by Nue Life. The companies hope that the flexibility of an at-home option will revolutionize access to this mental health treatment, which has been shown to be effective for depression and anxiety.

“We are thrilled to be working with such an established leader in at-home ketamine therapy and are excited to leverage the power of telehealth to reach a wider patient population and meet people where they are, both physically and emotionally,” Field Trip’s co-founder and executive chairman Ronan Levy said in an announcement. 

The companies also want their partnership to inspire more collaboration in the industry and improve the quality of the national conversation around psychedelics, which remain stigmatized, both executives told Fierce Healthcare. 

“By collaborating with Field Trip, the two most recognized brands in the psychedelics as therapeutics space are working hand-in-hand to improve access to ketamine therapy,” Juan Pablo Cappello, co-founder and CEO of Nue Life, said in the announcement. 

Field Trip has eight clinics in the U.S., which are costly to run, Levy told Fierce Healthcare. Treatment there is also more expensive than tele-treatment through Nue Life (though the offerings differ somewhat). Not everyone can afford it or can come in person to receive care. Combining forces has allowed treatment to scale. “We’re trying to lead by example,” Cappello said. 

Through the new offering, Field Trip will remain engaged with patients and provide ongoing support as needed. Levy allowed for the possibility that a patient could begin in-person treatment through Field Trip and eventually decide to transition to tele-treatment later on. 

In psychedelic-assisted therapy, just like in medicine, “the trend is toward personalization, not a one-size-fits-all" approach, Cappello agreed, telling Fierce Healthcare the goal is to “promote different options for different kinds of patients.”