Everly Health buys startup Natalist to expand its reach into women's health, retail products

Everly Health is acquiring women's health company Natalist, its third acquisition in six months.

The companies did not disclose the financial details of the all-cash deal.

Natalist offers women's health, conception and pregnancy products, such as prenatal supplements and pregnancy and ovulation tests. With the acquisition, Everly Health, the parent company of health-testing kit brand Everlywell, is pushing deeper into women's health and retail products.

In addition to its signature pregnancy and ovulation tests, Natalist’s product suite supports women from pre-conception through pregnancy and includes tests, supplements, education and self-care items.

Natalist’s products expand Everlywell’s existing women’s health offering that includes at-home collection lab tests for menopause, fertility hormones and sexual health, the companies said.

Everlywell was also the first company to launch an at-home collection fertility hormone test to consumers in March 2018. 

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“Creating innovative solutions for women’s health was my initial motivation for founding Everlywell and remains a top area of focus,” said Julia Cheek, CEO and Founder of Everly Health in a statement.

“A survey of our customers revealed that nearly 70% don’t trust many of the women’s health products available on the market today. Natalist’s thoughtfully designed fertility and pregnancy essentials are the solutions that so many women are seeking," Cheek said.

Since its launch two years ago, Natalist has progressively expanded its product line to support women's reproductive health, both online and in national retailers. The brand’s footprint has grown from 300 to nearly 6,000 brick-and-mortar locations in just the last year. 

Natalist joins Everlywell as the second consumer brand under Everly Health’s portfolio of brands. 

Earlier this year, the company acquired PWNHealth and Home Access Health and rebranded the parent company as Everly Health. PWNHealth and Home Access Health offer self-collected lab testing services.

Those deals reportedly pushed Everly Health's valuation to $2.9 billion, according to Bloomberg. The company has raised nearly $325 million in funding.

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As Everly Health, the company offers services including at-home lab testing kits and education, population-scale testing through a U.S.-wide clinician network, telehealth and a payer-supported/enterprise self-collected lab test.

Sales of Everlywell’s Women’s Health suite of tests grew 350% this year, according to Jenifer Dasho, chief marketing officer at Everly Health and general manager of Natalist. 

Both Natalist and Everly Health are led and founded by moms and advised by board-certified physicians. As part of the transaction, Natalist’s full team and executive leadership have joined Everly Health, bringing the company’s portfolio to four subsidiaries: Natalist, Everly Health Solutions (formerly PWNHealth), EverlyDx and Everlywell.

“Natalist was created to serve people who are seeking modern, sustainable tools for conception and pregnancy. Everly Health’s full capabilities across testing, telehealth, and virtual care delivery will supercharge our ability to help people in ways we’re only beginning to explore,” said Vernita Brown, CEO at Natalist, in a statement.

The deal raises the profile of women's health startups on the heels of Ro's acquisition of Modern Fertility earlier this year. Since 2011, there have been less than 30 acquisitions of venture capital-backed digital health companies led by women, according to data from Rock Health. 

“The missions of our two companies have been aligned since day one. We’re working to make sure all peopleespecially womenhave access to care that’s simple, convenient, and designed for the way they live,” said Halle Tecco, founder and chief women’s health officer at Natalist. “Bringing together two brands that are founded and led by women to benefit women everywhere is a great feeling.”