Miami man pleads guilty in $238M Medicare fraud case

A Miami man who was part of an epic money laundering scheme that totaled $238 million in Medicare funding pleaded guilty to conspiring with his brother to carry out the scheme, according to the Miami Herald.

Eduardo Perez de Morales was identified by the FBI as his brother's "bag man," delivering large amounts of cash to Medicare fraud offenders whom he knew were participating in illegal activities. Perez, a Cuban immigrant, was arrested in May, just months before he planned to throw a lavish wedding.

Perez's half-brother, Jorge Perez, is accused of directing the operation, using clean cash provided to a remittance company in Cuba to fund corrupt healthcare providers in Florida, Michigan, Tennessee and New York. As part of his plea agreement, which took his maximum jail time down from 20 years to six, Eduardo Perez will be compelled to testify before a grand jury or trial, utilizing him as a key witness against his brother, according to the Herald. Article