Company faulted in Medicaid fraud retains contract; Providers have weak cybersecurity infrastructure;

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> The Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership retains its Medicaid contract despite involvement in a five-year dental fraud scheme that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, according to The Texas Tribune. Article

> Healthcare providers lag behind professionals in other industries when it comes to the strength of their network defenses to mitigate cyberattack risk, GoGrid reported. Article

> The New Mexico Attorney General's Office is verifying audits by the state's Human Services Department that found "credible allegations of fraud" against 15 healthcare organizations and led to the suspension of Medicaid reimbursement, the Santa Fe Reporter noted. Easter Seals is the latest provider to be cleared by the Attorney General in this audit integrity probe. Article

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> The medical association landscape is changing. Declining memberships, increasing member disengagement and duplication of efforts continue to threaten these organizations that established professional sovereignty and ability to self-govern. Article

> The bundling of reimbursement codes for CT of the abdomen and pelvis in 2011 hit medical imaging hard, resulting in a 29 percent decrease in reimbursements for the exams that year, according to a study published in the May issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology. Article

And Finally... Bankers accused of fraud warn that their criminal prosecution will torch the economy. Article