Wheel launches AI products for telehealth providers

Telehealth technology platform Wheel launched its new, AI-powered solution called Horizon on Wednesday. Horizon will offer insights into patient care and relieve burdens on providers. 

Wheel's new application will pull data from patient profiles, labs, prior case notes and remote monitoring data to make clinically-appropriate recommendations for patients and providers. It will also help providers identify trends across the platform, according to the company. 

Horizon will be particularly useful to telehealth companies providing care for specific conditions or populations, Wheel says, because of its ability to generate insights and trends across subgroups. 

In an interview with Fierce Healthcare, Wheel founder and CEO Michelle Davey said it’s often up to individual providers to refer patients to condition-specific programs. Prior to the AI-backed platform, clinicians would have to make recommendations based on data points they saw in the patient’s medical records. Horizon will augment provider knowledge by making predictive and personalized recommendations. 

Davey gave an example of how Horizon could enhance a doctor-patient interaction for a patient presenting with an elevated A1c level. Instead of the provider having to retain the knowledge of diabetes programs for which the patient may be eligible, Horizon could recommend a program within the system or through ecosystem partners, Davey said.

"Horizon embodies our dedication to patient-centered innovation, marking a pivotal shift away from transactional care," Davey said in a statement. "With AI and machine learning integrated across our platform and care programs, we're not only enhancing the patient experience but also equipping our partners with a scalable ecosystem. This enables the deployment of tailored solutions that drive positive clinical and financial outcomes, solidifying our commitment to an integrated care model."

Wheel says Horizon will be particularly useful to telehealth companies focused on specific conditions like women's and men's health, behavioral health and weight management. It can also integrate with lab vendors, insurance providers and client membership programs. 

Horizon will also allow Wheel customers to stand up multiple care solutions within one integrated platform. The solution has the potential to improve the patient journey between care programs and unburden the physician by offering recommendations, Davey said. 

Wheel also announced that prescription discount company GoodRx will be the first client to launch the Horizon solution. 

Wheel clients will not be automatically enrolled in Horizon, and each client’s Wheel technology experience is configured based on its goals. However, Davey predicts that many customers will want to use it because of its enhanced insights.