Kaiser shakes hands with Innovaccer to roll out AI platform in Washington

Kaiser Permanente announced a partnership Tuesday with healthcare AI platform Innovaccer. The platform aggregates patient data across systems and care settings, which Kaiser says will improve its value-based care services.

Innovaccer’s artificial intelligence platform and population health management solutions will begin to be rolled out this summer to the health system's 650,000 members in Washington. Kaiser will also consider expanding the platform to more employees and additional facilities in other markets.

“With Innovaccer’s AI platform, Kaiser Permanente will be able to provide an EHR- and payer-agnostic platform to advance their value-based care expertise, technology and services,” Abhinav Shashank, co-founder and CEO of Innovaccer, said in a statement.

Kaiser’s modus operandi on AI has been for the technology to work in tandem with clinicians to boost quality of care. The Permanente Medical Group already has several AI partnerships, including with Nabla Copilot, a generative AI scribe tool.

“AI tools alone don’t save lives or improve the health of our members, they enable our physicians and care teams to provide high-quality, equitable care,” Daniel Yang, M.D., Kaiser’s vice president, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, wrote in a blog post in March.

According to a press release, Innovaccer has generated more than $1.5 billion in cumulative cost savings. Innovaccer was also recently selected to lead California’s Population Health Management Initiative. Kaiser is a collaborator on the project.