AHIP and other groups are urging state regulators to prevent the damage that could result from one of the president's executive orders.

ORLANDO, Fla.—It's only been a year, but Keck Medicine USC has already found success with a new program to engage physicians.

Telehealth and health informatics stakeholders reiterated concerns about the FCC's decision that was met with immediate legal challenges.

CMS' IT systems are ready to launch in 2018, but the OIG flagged concerns about the ability to resubmit data to maximize reimbursement.

During the 2017 open enrollment period, private insurers have stepped up advertising to compensate for the federal government pulling back.

A former Johns Hopkins employee has sued the health system, claiming that it prioritized patients from outside Maryland to boost its revenue. 

Two big-name insurers revealed new initiatives aimed at curbing the nationwide opioid epidemic. 

AMIA called for lawmakers to remove a provision of the GOP bill that taxes graduate tuition waivers, arguing it would deter students from studying informatics.

J. Mario Molina, M.D., now resigned from Molina Healthcare’s board of directors after being fired as the company's CEO in May.

The House and Senate have agreed upon a unified tax overhaul bill that has significant implications for the health insurance industry.