HHS unveils 106 new ACOs


The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services this morning announced 106 new accountable care organizations, which now rack up to more than 250 since the Affordable Care Act passed.

"As many as 4 million Medicare beneficiaries now have access to high-quality, coordinated care across the United States," HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said today.

If the ACOs meet the 33 quality measures of care coordination, patient safety and preventative health, they could realize savings of up to $940 million over four years, HHS said.

The newly launched ACOs, which started Jan. 1, build the ACO presence in certain states. Adding on to the 2012 cohorts, ACOs mainly concentrate in Florida, Massachusetts and California. However, this batch boosts an ACO presence in Georgia and Connecticut and adds Puerto Rico to the mix.

Fifteen of this cohort are Advance Payment Model ACOs, led by physician-based or rural providers, who are investing in health IT and infrastructure for faster savings.

HHS also released a report that Medicare spending has slowed from 2010 to 2012 to historic lows and suggested the ACA provisions are working. Medicare spending per beneficiary will be on pace with the growth of the economy, according to the report.

The full list of 106 ACOs is below:

  1. A.M. Beajow, MD Internal Medicine Associates ACO, P.C. – Nevada
  2. AAMC Collaborative Care Network – Maryland
  3. Accountable Care Clinical Services, PC – California, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
  4. Accountable Care Coalition of Central Georgia, LLC – Georgia
  5. Accountable Care Coalition of DeKalb, LLC – Georgia
  6. Accountable Care Coalition of Georgia, LLC – Georgia
  7. Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Athens Georgia II, LLC – Georgia
  8. Accountable Care Coalition of Greater Augusta & Statesboro, LLC – Georgia, South Carolina
  9. Accountable Care Coalition of News Mexico, LLC – New Mexico
  10. Accountable Care Coalition of North Central Florida, LLC – Florida
  11. Accountable Care Coalition of North Texas, LLC – Texas
  12. Accountable Care Coalition of Southern Georgia, LLC – Georgia
  13. Accountable Care Coalition of Western Georgia, LLC – Alabama, Georgia
  14. Accountable Care Network of Florida, LLC – Florida
  15. Accountable Care Network of New Jersey, LLC - New Jersey
  16. Accountable Care Network of Texas, LLC – Texas
  17. Accountable Care Organization of New England – Connecticut, Massachusetts
  18. ACO Health Partners – Florida
  19. ACO of Puerto Rico, Inc. – Puerto Rico
  20. Affiliated Physicians IPA – California
  21. Akira Health, Inc. – California
  22. Alegent Health Partners, LLC – Iowa, Nebraska
  23. Alexian Brothers Accountable Care Organization, LLC – Illinois
  24. Amarillo Legacy Medical ACO – Texas
  25. American Health Alliance, LLC – Florida
  26. American Health Network of Ohio Care Organization, LLC – Ohio
  27. APCN-ACO – California
  28. Arizona Care Network – Arizona
  29. Atlanticare Health Solutions – New Jersey
  30. Aveta Accountable Care – Puerto Rico
  31. Baroma Healthcare International – Florida
  32. Bay Area Florida Physicians Trust – Florida
  33. Billings Clinic – Montana, Wyoming
  34. Bon Secours Good Helpcare, LLC  - Kentucky, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia
  35. Cambridge Public Health Commission – Massachusetts
  36. Cape Cod Health Network ACO, LLC – Massachusetts
  37. Carilion Clinic Medicare Shared Savings Company, LLC – Virginia
  38. Cedars-Sinai Accountable Care – California
  39. Central Jersey ACO, LLC – New Jersey
  40. Christie Clinic Physician – Illinois
  41. Collaborative Care of Florida, LLC – Florida
  42. Colorado Accountable Care – Colorado
  43. Commonwealth Primary Care – Arizona, New Mexico
  44. Essential Care Partners II, LLC – Texas
  45. Fort Smith Physicians Alliance ACO – Arkansas, Oklahoma
  46. Franciscan Northwest Physicians Health Network, LLC – Washington
  47. Franciscan Union ACO, LLC – Illinois, Indiana
  48. Hartford HealthCare Affordable Care Organization, Inc. – Connecticut
  49. HHC ACO, Inc. – New York
  50. HNMC Hospital/Physician ACO