How targeted interactions enhance risk scores, quality and outcomes
Quest Diagnostics

To succeed in today’s uncertain healthcare environment, health plans must develop risk assessment programs that provide a rich, detailed view of members and their care needs. Learn how to enhance assessment programs to capture quality information, improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Click here to learn more.

Beyond Engagement: Cutting Edge Strategies to Activate Healthcare Consumers
October 18, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | mPulse Mobile

Research proves that people that are activated in their health experience improved health outcomes and reduced overall healthcare costs. Discover what mobile strategies activate consumers by delivering conversational dialogues that are tailored to the individual. Register now!

Solving CHF Readmissions Using Psychographics + Technology
October 24, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | PatientBond

This webinar, co-hosted by the American Heart Association, will address the opportunity for reducing hospital readmissions – as well as initial admissions – for cardiovascular conditions, and provide case studies demonstrating how the application of consumer methods can lead to significant results. Participants will learn how to implement a program to reduce hospital readmissions using psychographics and automated patient engagement. Register now.

Embed Patient Communication Tools to Enhance Care Management
October 24, 2017 3pm ET / 12pm PT | Solutionreach

Patient-centered care drives care quality, and streamlined communication is the bridge between the two. Discover how to optimize the connection between patient satisfaction and engagement and quality clinical care, protect patient data and privacy on mobile and cloud-based platforms, and more. Register now!

Managing the Costs of Specialty Drugs
Thursday, October 26 | 11am ET / 8am PT | Elsevier

This webinar will bring together experts to offer strategies for managing the costs of developing and marketing highly specialized drugs. Join us and learn more about the growing use of specialty pharmacies and how they can be leveraged to bring costs down in drug development and marketing. Register now.

Strong Documentation, Healthy Practice: The Connection Between Words and Results
November 2, 2017 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Nuance

Documentation technology can improve physician productivity, patient experience, documentation quality and accuracy and more. Discover how documentation solutions can support practice viability by helping to maximize financial potential and safeguard patient volume. Register now!

How Digital Devices are Powering the Precision Medicine Movement
November 7, 2017 2pm ET / 11am PT | Nokia

Join industry experts as they discuss what early clinical trials have taught us about using connected devices for precision medicine as well as the potential for future transformations in care. Register Now

The State of Connected Health: 2018’s Critical Trends to Watch
Wednesday, November 8 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Validic

Healthcare continues to experience transformative shifts. Join us as Validic’s CEO Drew Schiller breaks down how technology-powered health systems, data-driven consumers, and value-based payment models will shape 2018’s healthcare landscape. Register now.

Outpatient Audits: A Growing Frontier for Overpaid Claims Recovery
November 9, 2017 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | OmniClaim

There is a significant, often untapped, opportunity for healthcare savings – outpatient claim overpayments.  Join our webinar to learn best practices for identifying, auditing and recovering overpaid dollars missed by pre-pay software alone. Register now!

How to Improve a Fractured Hospital Medicine Program
November 16, 2017 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Medicus Healthcare Solutions

To gain a better understanding of the issues that can negatively impact a Hospital Medicine (HM) program and measures hospital leaders can take to keep theirs healthy, join industry experts for a presentation and Q&A session that will cover strategies for success. Register now!

Connected Medical Device & IOT Security Summit
November 8-9, 2017 | Baltimore, MD | TCBI

The Summit will offer practical solutions to many of the daunting security challenges facing medical device and connected health technology companies, healthcare providers, payers and patients. Keynote speakers include John Murray of the FDA. Register by 10/13 to receive a $100 early bird discount.

Quality Measure Improvement

Learn how one health plan leveraged point-of-care analytics to improve quality outcomes, resulting in a 2-Star Rating improvement for one challenging measure. Download now to learn more. 

Attracting and Retaining Physicians in Rural America
Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Want to know what successful healthcare organizations in rural and underserved areas do to effectively recruit and retain the best physicians?
Download our comprehensive white paper, “Attracting and Retaining Physicians in Rural America”.

MedTech Impact Expo & Conference
December 14-15, 2017 | Venetian/Palazzo Resort, Las Vegas, NV | MedTech Impact

MedTech Impact Expo & Conference gives clinicians, hospitals and ACO’s two days of education and exhibits focused on the latest innovations and advancements in medical technology and its effect on improvements in patient care.  Featuring 20+ sessions hosted by medical and technology industry leaders, networking events, the 2017 Quad Impact Challenge innovation battle and $10,000 cash reward presentation, and dozens of sponsor displays. Held alongside the A4M/MTI 2017 World Congress.  Fierce subscribers can attend the 2017 Conference for $100 off using code FIERCE15.

Remote Patient Monitoring Reduces Medical Spend by 50 Percent

Geneia’s 12-month, scientific study shows remote patient monitoring reduces medical spend by 50 percent while improving outcomes. Download now to read more. 

Drive Revenue and Market Share with Telemedicine
Now Available On-Demand | Brother International Corporation

Explore how technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered, from remote monitoring to tele-consults. This webinar will showcase telemedicine pioneers who are using telehealth tools to improve access, provide better patient care, boost patient experience and not only drive down costs but also increase revenue. Register now!

How Technology is Supporting Cost Containment in Healthcare
Available On-Demand | Workday

As expansion of healthcare cost containment models such as episode-based bundled payments continues, so, too will payer and provider reliance on technology to ensure success. This webinar will explore health IT’s role in driving the cost-containment process for both health insurers and hospitals alike. Register Now!

Sustainable Cost Management with Reference Based Pricing
Now Available On Demand. | Zelis

Reference Based Pricing (RBP) has the potential to provide sustainable cost management and balance the needs of all stakeholders – payers, plan sponsors, members, and providers. Learn how RBP can help you respond to market trends, fit any configuration you need, and scale as your business grows.

Join cost management and healthcare legislation subject experts as they introduce an expanded approach to Reference Based Pricing. Register now!

Easing the HEDIS Data Collection Headache
Now Available On-Demand | CGI

When it come to the data collection process, volumes can be staggering, the amount of manual labor can be overwhelming, and – while both payers and providers strive to optimize operations – there is still significantly more to be done to enhance workflow.

Join payers and providers from around the country as we review the challenges of the current state and consider options for streamlining the end to end processing. Register Now!

Integrating Patient-Generated Health Data into the Clinical Workflow
Now Available On Demand | Validic

As the volume of patient-generated data expands and care continues to move outside of the four walls of the hospital, health systems are increasingly leveraging PGHD to derive actionable insights and communicate with patients in meaningful ways.

For those trying to navigate the complexities of home health monitoring, join these industry experts for a session on the strategies and tools needed to navigate the integration of remotely-collected data into clinical workflows. Register now.