Though Senate Republicans are planning a procedural vote Tuesday on healthcare legislation, GOP leaders haven’t yet divulged what they'll be voting on.

A new study that looks at who receives recognition awards from medical societies wants to know: Where are all the women?

The Congressional Budget Office on Thursday released its score of a newly tweaked version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Federal health officials made over $16 billion in improper payments to private Medicare Advantage health plans last year, an auditor testified.

Mary R. Grealy, president of the Healthcare Leadership Council, appeared before a House subcommittee to urge lawmakers to pass a joint resolution by Aug. 15 to…

Patients in rural areas face longer waits for paramedics to arrive than those who live in urban or suburban areas, according to a new study.

Republicans’ latest iteration of an ACA repeal bill would increase the number of uninsured individuals by 32 million as of 2026, according to the CBO.

President Donald Trump says Republican senators shouldn’t leave town before passing a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.