Patients discharged too early end up less satisfied with their healthcare experience

Patients who are discharged from the hospital before they feel they are ready report lower levels of satisfaction with their healthcare experience, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons.

How healthcare providers can make value-based care turn a profit

Harvard Business Review article published this week outlines how providers can prioritize the quality of care while still keeping an eye toward the bottom line. 

Residents, attending docs disagree on when to call for after-hours help

Pediatric care residents disagree with their supervisors on when they should contact them to handle situations after hours, according to a study published in the Journal of Pediatrics

The impact of hospital closures on their communities

This month, Independence, Kansas' Mercy Hospital announced it will close its doors, making it the 58th rural facility in America to do so since 2010, leaving the community where it was a longtime institution to reassess its options, the New York Times reports.

5 ways hospitals can beat the 'weekend effect' in surgical outcomes

Hospitals can take five actions to fight the higher rate of complications, mortalities and readmissions for surgical patients who undergo emergency procedures on the weekend, also known as the "weekend effect," according to a Loyola University Medical Center and Loyola University Chicago study.


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As both the cost of care and the number of chronically ill patients continue to rise, so, too, does the importance of telemedicine to the health industry, according to Partners HealthCare Vice President of Connected Health Joseph Kvedar.


A state agency has approved Blue Shield of California's controversial $1.2 billion acquisition of Care1st, a Medicaid health plan, but consumer advocates are critical of the deal's failure to resolve other outstanding complaints against the company, the  Los Angeles Times  reports.