How providers maximize EHRs to reduce readmission rates [Special Report]

By Marla Durben Hirsch

Hospitals are trying many methods to reduce the number of patient readmissions--transitional care, family education and even house calls. 

Now electronic health record systems are playing a larger role in hospitals' efforts to tackle this growing problem. Studies have shown that EHRs can perform predictive analytics to pinpoint patients who are at higher risk of readmissions so the hospital can target them accordingly. EHRs also can help by automatically receiving and storing data from remote patient monitoring sessions so hospital staff can keep tabs on a discharged patient's condition.  

But EHR systems can be harnessed further to help reduce readmissions. And hospitals are beginning to take note. In this special report, FierceEMR highlights efforts by the Cleveland Clinic and Burlington, Massachusetts-based Lahey Hospital and Medical Center to make the most of their EHRs to reduce readmission rates.

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