A government audit shows almost half of MA providers have wrong information listed in directories.

The long, difficult path to become a hospital system CFO.

Average premiums for the benchmark silver plan on the Affordable Care Act exchanges will rise by double digits in 2017.

New regulations, coordinated federal takedowns and a renewed emphasis on individual accountability have led to a distinct shift in fraud enforcement.

The role of nursing IT leaders at provider organizations simultaneously is becoming more high-profile and strategic as healthcare shifts to valuing quality…

What doctors think about the government’s overhaul of Medicare’s payment system for physicians depends on who you ask.

It does not appear that Republicans are eager to heed President Barack Obama's call to work with Democrats to fix the ACA instead of trying to repeal it.

Monitoring health plan members’ social media activity may allow insurers to formulate better prices for coverage.

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A new website launched by Muddy Waters and MedSec contains videos detailing more alleged cybersecurity vulnerabilities of St. Jude Medical cardiac tools.