Core members of the Orlando Health trauma team who cared for the victims of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting gathered together Wednesday on the six- month…

The 21st Century Cures Act touches multiple sectors of the healthcare industry, including public and private payers.

The Health Care Transformation Task Force called on the incoming Trump administration to continue efforts to replace fee-for-service payment models with value-…

America’s Health Insurance Plans is stressing that the coming healthcare policy changes must ensure a stable, competitive individual marketplace.

A repeal of the ACA could come at a cost for the hospitals and health networks that are still adapting to it, according to a new report.

Opening arguments began Tuesday in the antitrust trial that will decide the fate of the Aetna-Humana deal.

The rise of connected devices in healthcare, also known as the Internet of Things, might improve patient care, but it could also put them in danger.

An explosion of new mHealth apps offers consumers an unprecedented level of choice, but clinical utility is still lacking for those with chronic conditions.