When you hear “put patients first,” you should be thinking outside of the existing care delivery system, where business opportunities abound.

ORLANDO, Fla.—Two bicoastal health systems are incorporating geospatial analytics into existing patient data to create targeted population health initiatives.

Although all hospitals will feel the impact of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, community health centers and safety-net facilities could suffer more than…

Hospitals are feeling pressure to reject medical student candidates from other countries as they may be barred from entering the U.S. under the Trump…

ORLANDO, Fla.—Technology will play a crucial role in helping hospitals and health systems focus on patient safety over the next decade.

The changes to Medicaid funding recently proposed by Republicans could have serious consequences for both vulnerable populations and state budgets.

Patients say reviews are important when choosing a physician—but a new study finds commercial physician-rating websites are near useless in judging doctor care.

Health systems or hospitals that actively collect patient reviews and publish them may reap a number of rewards from the practice.