Enormous potential exists for mHealth devices to improve patient care. A new workgroup outlines ways to ensure the industry reaches that potential.

A new report shows a serious lack of new antibiotics under development to combat the growing threat of deadly, drug-resistant superbugs.

The healthcare policy drama unfolding in the nation’s capital loomed large at the RISE West conference.

A new report dispels common myths about employee engagement.

A new state law prohibits New York providers from charging a fee for medical records to low-income disabled residents applying for state benefits.

The Congressional Budget Office has warned that it won't release a full score on the Graham-Cassidy bill before a potential vote. 

Amid rising demand for new doctors, 50% of 935 final-year medical residents said they received 100 or more recruiting offers during training.

The public health impacts of Hurricane Irma have required a coordinated response among the medical community at both the federal and local levels.