ORLANDO, Fla.—Technology will play a crucial role in helping hospitals and health systems focus on patient safety over the next decade.

The changes to Medicaid funding recently proposed by Republicans could have serious consequences for both vulnerable populations and state budgets.

Health systems or hospitals that actively collect patient reviews and publish them may reap a number of rewards from the practice.

Hospital design can play a role in both the patient experience and health outcomes, but it remains an area for improvement for many organizations.

For hospitals, a seemingly innocent Facebook or Instagram post from a clinician can quickly turn into a cybersecurity vulnerability.

ORLANDO, Fla.—When St. Louis, Missouri-based Mercy health system was struggling to control costs in the surgical suite, it turned to big data to solve the…

As health insurers voice increasing concerns about the stability of the ACA exchanges, the Trump administration now plans to give them more time to decide…

Republicans’ recently unveiled healthcare plan is drawing concern from health insurance leaders.