Federal health officials made over $16 billion in improper payments to private Medicare Advantage health plans last year, an auditor testified.

Republican members worked late into the evening Wednesday to try to hammer out a healthcare deal but seem to have made little progress.

Patients in rural areas face longer waits for paramedics to arrive than those who live in urban or suburban areas, according to a new study.

Republicans’ latest iteration of an ACA repeal bill would increase the number of uninsured individuals by 32 million as of 2026, according to the CBO.

A House budget bill requires HHS to issue a report on patient matching and calls on ONC to work with private sector partners to improve the system.

None of the doctors in a recent study bothered to clean their stethoscopes between patients.

Recent efforts to reduce hospital readmissions for common medical conditions have not led to an increase in death rates, a new study finds.

Though the threat of an Affordable Care Act repeal has faded, policy uncertainty continues to loom over health insurers that sell plans in the individual…