Rep. Tom Marino is no longer in contention to be the nation's next drug czar, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Tuesday morning.

President Donald Trump has now voiced support for a bipartisan effort in Congress that could result in funding CSR payments, in exchange for state flexibility…

A simple, five-minute intervention can make all the difference in patient satisfaction rates at hospitals, according to a new study.

Hospitals and other health providers can do more to be "sanctuary" facilities to immigrants by having clear policies about interaction with ICE…

The Trump administration’s decision to end cost-sharing reduction payments has led to a chorus of calls for Congress to step in.

From Kaiser Health News: A new rule issued on the heels of the Trump administration’s religious-based birth control opt-out is raising eyebrows.

Doctors have a third option besides either becoming a hospital employee or staying totally independent: the group practice subsidiary model.

States are gearing up to fight the Trump administration's move to end cost-sharing reduction payments.

Hospitals may face a financial downturn immediately after a merger, according to a new HFMA analysis.