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Navigating the Pharma Data Revolution: From Cloud Advantages to RWE Insights

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60 Minutes

This webinar will begin at 2:00pm GMT  |  11:00pm JST  | 9:00am EST

Join our exclusive webinar to delve into the current challenges and opportunities we have when it comes to real-world evidence (RWE), and strategies for accelerating access in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. This event brings together industry leaders to discuss crucial topics that span from evidence generation to the intersection of business, technology, and platforms. Dig deep on the operational challenges in RWE data practices, exploring key roles that contribute to this space.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry experts, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and join the discussion around what will shape the future of evidence generation and healthcare practices.

  • Navigate the pharma data revolution from cloud advantages to RWE insights and discuss operational challenges of real-world evidence data practices
  • Uncover how RWE can be used to size the market and drive product strategy
  • Investigate the hurdles in effective data sharing and the role of technology in overcoming these challenges
  • What is the value of wearable and remote monitoring data in the context of RWE
  • Learn which key technical and strategic dependencies are needed to support real-world evidence life cycles


Harsh Gandhi

Harsh Gandhi

Harsh Gandhi has 20+ years of global experience in transforming health care delivery through next generation customer engagement models and optimising patient pathways by leveraging digital and data. In his current role at AstraZeneca, he is responsible for defining digital & data strategy, exploring new technology led business models, uplifting digital talent and delivering scalable and cost-effective platforms to improve patient's life and contribute to Japanese society and health care system in sustainable way. Harsh is active in shaping and mentoring new start-ups in health care & technology sector in Asia and Africa as part of Stanford SEED.

Phil Rust

Phil Rust

Phil is an accomplished leader in digital transformation, boasting a rich career spanning several decades in developing impactful data and technology solutions. His expertise lies in the healthcare sector, focusing on technology integration and the utilization of real-world data within complex environments. Phil's commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through technologically driven insights, underpinned by his vast subject matter expertise, marks him as a distinguished figure in his field.

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60 Minutes