Montefiore Embraces Emmi® to Impact its Population Health Strategy

Montefiore Embraces Emmi® Programs as the Foundation of its Population Health Strategy:  Webinar

In this one hour webinar, Vanessa Guzman, Associate Vice President of Quality and Network Management at Montefiore Health System, explains how the system uses Emmi programs as the basic infrastructure to support its population health management and patient engagement strategy. With 11 hospitals and 400,000 patients covered under risk arrangements, Montefiore has built its Next Gen ACO population health strategy around Emmi capabilities resulting in improved patient experience and satisfaction.  Through the successful implementation of Emmi programs MHS was able to use key learnings to develop its roadmap.

“The volume of patients you can reach with Emmi is impressive. You will never be able to accomplish the volume in the time frame with every single human resource in the world. 

Now I have the pleasure of using our staff for those that need it the most. Now they are working at the top of their license.”  –Vanessa Guzman

Moderating the one-hour web conversation is Pam Holt, RN, BSN, MOL, operational consultant for patient engagement with Clinical Effectiveness at Wolters Kluwer, Health.

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