eClinicalWorks Helps Providers Coordinate Care Across Practices to Improve Patient Safety, Care Quality and Cost

For healthcare facilities with multiple participating medical practices, sharing patient information with paperwork can be inefficient. Physicians don’t have quick or easy access to most updated patient records, which can result in duplicated services or redundancies. Eliminating this risk would save patients from paying additional healthcare expenses, and improve patient safety and care quality. This was the case for Amarillo Legacy Medical ACO, the first Accountable Care Organization in the Texas Panhandle.

Amarillo Legacy Medical is a partnership between multiple, independent, medical practices and consists of 330 physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants across 16 participating practices. The goal of the organization is to improve care for individual Medicare Fee-for-Service patients and the community while keeping health costs in mind. By working together, Amarillo Legacy Medical doctors are able to coordinate care with the hope that medical problems will be addressed more efficiently, with less hassle and expense. Amarillo Legacy Medical found that sharing patient information between physicians across multiple participating medical practices with paperwork was a challenge. Amarillo Legacy Medical turned to eClinicalWorks, a leader in healthcare IT solutions, to find a solution while keeping in line with the organization’s mission.

With the implementation of eClinicalWorks Care Coordination Medical Record™ (CCMR), Amarillo Legacy Medical was able to gain visibility into their patients’ care across all physicians and medical practices, allowing for smooth transition of care. Additionally, it engaged patients and physicians in preventative care to improve outcomes by sharing deeper insight and understanding into patient populations. The CCMR open network securely connects ambulatory EHRs with in-patient systems and payer claim feeds to provide cost and use for services delivered to patients. It also shares clinical and financial data to stakeholders including administrators, providers and care planners.
Amarillo Legacy Medical reported $5 million in savings in the first year alone with eClinicalWorks CCMR. They reduced hospitalization rates from about 332 hospitalizations per thousand per year to 236 hospitalizations per thousand per year, which resulted in reduced costs. Patient satisfaction increased and physicians reported an increase in efficiency. Additionally, they were able to negotiate more ACO contracts with large insurance companies by sharing their high quality scores with the analytics feature.

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