Mobile apps, medical records fuel healthcare's digital transformation

By Julie Bird

It's always interesting when the popular press tackles topics that healthcare industry leaders have been talking about for ages. It brings a different perspective and a fresh voice that's sometimes lacking in board room discussions, conference lectures and trade publication articles.

In a recent series titled "The Digital Doctor," the New York Times offers a glimpse into what the average consumer sees when he or she stands at the intersection of healthcare and technology: how health IT is changing medicine and doctor-patient relationships from the patient's point of view. 

The series touches on a number of hot health IT topics--from how younger physicians are embracing technology to how older doctors are trying to catch up to how texting and social media can help pediatricians communicate with teens to the balance between the benefits and the dangers of electronic health records.

In this special report, FierceHealthIT takes a deeper look at some of the subjects in the series. On the following pages, you'll find highlights from and links to the Times' articles as well as links to additional news and information from our own coverage of the topics from the past year.

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Mobile apps, medical records fuel healthcare's digital transformation