Mobile apps - Health technologies for veterans

Amid the proliferation of mobile apps for health self-monitoring and medical diagnosis, some are aimed at veterans' particular health issues, including:

  • PE Coach, which stands for "prolonged exposure." This app (pictured) aims to help patients process memories, record therapy sessions for playback in between sessions and offers breathing exercises.
  • Mobilyze, developed at Northwestern University, uses nearly 40 phone sensors to detect values such as the global positioning system, ambient light and recent calls. Using that data and a patient's mood diary, it then takes advantage of a predictive model to alert the patient and perhaps suggest he or she call a friend.
  • The U.S. Department of Defense's T2 Mood Tracker app records a range of emotions, then sends that information to the patient's therapist. It recently was updated to allow users to send their personal information to their home computers, and to share it with their healthcare providers. The VA is researching a similar app at Stanford University.
  • BioZen, unveiled earlier this year, helps members of the military take advantage of biofeedback relaxation techniques.
Mobile apps - Health technologies for veterans