Meredith Phillips

Blue screen for health technology

Who: Meredith Phillips

Occupation: Chief Information Security Officer, Henry Ford Health System

Why she's influential: One of the biggest challenges healthcare faces today is data security, and Phillips, chief information security officer at Henry Ford Health System, knows how important it is to keep patient data safe.

In March Phillips was presented with the “Protected Health Information Hero Award” at the 2016 PHI Protection Network Conference in Philadelphia.

Mary Alice Annecharico, senior vice president and CIO at Henry Ford, tells FierceHealthIT that Phillips is a “remarkable and innovative trailblazer of one of the country’s first comprehensive and integrated privacy and security programs in the nation’s healthcare environment.

“Her professional insights, background in regulation, and experiences on both the provider and payer side have enabled her to partner with the business side to develop enterprise-wide policies and processes that transparently integrate guidelines for behavior and technologies that keep the networks in check throughout our health system,” Annecharico says.

Phillips has served as CISO at Henry Ford for more than 13 years and is a member of the University of Detroit’s Mercy Center for Cyber Security and Intelligence Advisory Council, among numerous other information security organization positions.

Annecharico also points to Phillips' leadership skills as an example of her passion for the position, saying that she always ensures the right skills are available to staff.

Meredith Phillips