Kindred Healthcare's Paul Diaz - CEO Pay

Paul Diaz - Kindred Healthcare (KND) 

Total Revenue: $4,326,300,000

Total Compensation: $4,745,504

Details: Expecting a difficult operating environment, Kindred Healthcare froze Diaz's base salary ($1,040,839) for 2009. Nonetheless, his wage was still $625,000-$365,000 higher than his fellow executive officers.

In 2009, the common stock price for the Louisville, Ky.-based company rose 42 percent. To reward such stock price appreciation, Diaz received a $300,000 cash bonus.

Compensation: Diaz achieved substantial short-term and long-term incentive plans awards ($ 1,159,650 and $1,002,290, respectively) to acknowledge Kindred's overall financial performance in 2009. As a result of Diaz's "exceptional performance" his non-equity incentive plan was nearly double his base pay ($2,161,940), according to Kindred's proxy statement.

His "other compensation" ($107,893) brought Diaz's total earnings to $4, 645,504.

Kindred Healthcare's Paul Diaz - CEO Pay