Jessica Kahn

Blue screen for health technology

Who: Jessica Kahn

Occupation: Director, Division of State Systems, Data Systems Group, Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services at CMS

Why she’s influential: Kahn leads a team that works on Medicaid eligibility system readiness for the Affordable Care Act insurance marketplaces. Her group also is responsible for overseeing Medicaid/CHIP eligibility systems, Medicaid Management Information Systems and state ICD-10 readiness.

According to Rear Admiral Pamela Schweitzer, chief pharmacy officer with the Office of the Surgeon General, Kahn was the “major lead” for development of a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services final rule that extended enhanced funding for Medicaid eligibility as part of a state’s mechanized claims processing system, allowing states to update conditions and standards for those systems. She also was a driving force behind the Transformed Medicaid Statistical Information System, a data and systems component of the CMS Medicaid and CHIP Business Information Solution.

“I have had an entire career of working with national leaders, and Jess is one of the most visionary people I have ever met,” Schweitzer told FierceHealthIT. “She totally understands the importance of information technology in improving our healthcare system, and she’s committed to helping the underserved.”

Jessica Kahn