Henry Smilie

Executive looking out window

Home Physician Services

Photo Credit: Getty/Tom Merton

The accused: Henry Smilie, CEO of Home Physician Services

The place: Chicago

The allegations: The Department of Justice in August 2015 charged Smilie with billing $1.2 million in fraudulent charges to Medicare, according to his indictment.

As part of the scheme, Smilie reported to Medicare that his physicians had performed services for supposedly home-bound patients, when, in fact, little or no such treatment was rendered.

Federal agents uncovered the scheme by using an undercover source to pose as a 71-year-old Medicare patient and serve as an informant. The man recorded conversations with the doctors and nurses that made repeated visits to his home, though he was fully mobile and would not be classified as homebound.

The status: Smilie was released on bond and the case is still ongoing.

Henry Smilie