Greater hospital-physician integration

By Ilene MacDonald

Raymond Hino, CEO of the California-based Palm Drive Health Care Foundation (right), predicted a renewed interest in hospitals and physician leaders developing integrated organizational models that involve shared savings, risk and gain.

Hospitals this year also aimed to give physician leaders a bigger role in the patient experience process. A May survey of chief experience officers found that nearly 30 percent named visible physician leaders as the best way to engage physicians in the process.

A January white paper found that more physicians are employed by health systems than independent practices--but only account for 14 percent of C-suite hired. But researchers said that they expect this number to grow as health systems work to integrate the clinical and administrative sides of their organizations.

One of the advantages of physician leadership is that doctors have a unique understanding of the challenges clinical care teams face. In addition, effective physician leadership is also a driver of patient loyalty.

Greater hospital-physician integration