Brett Giroir

White House
A headshot of HHS' Brett Giroir
Brett Giroir (HHS)

Brett Giroir 

  • Title: Assistant Secretary for Health at the Department of Health and Human Services 

  • Best known for: A pediatrician by trade, Giroir has a diverse background in medical practice, biopharmaceuticals and public service. As assistant secretary, he’s best known for being a key player in the White House’s response to the opioid epidemic. 

  • Role on the task force: Similar to his colleague Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Giroir has provided a clear physician perspective on the task force. 

  • A coronavirus quote: “We’re going from somewhat manual, relatively slow phases to a testing regimen that we can test many tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of individuals per week and maybe even more. That is really a game-changer for us because the back-of-the-shop testing capability is there.” 

Brett Giroir

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