10 Notorious Healthcare Execs in 2011

We expect healthcare executives to set the tone at their organizations and to inspire their teams into becoming the best providers in the region -- or the country. But that's not always how things shake out. Sometimes these leaders run astray, taking the hospitals' finances or reputations down with them.

Since we published last year's list of execs behaving badly, even more news has sprung up that details healthcare leaders engaged in fraud or abuse. From CEOs gone wild in DUI cases to executives who pilfered, embezzled and bribed, 2011 did not fall short of notorious healthcare execs. Read on to see who made this year's list.

1. Paul Levy
2. William Roe
3. Peter G. Rogan
4. Roosevelt Hairston Jr.
5. Ken Beverly
6. William Sellers
7. Paul DellaRocco
8. Robert L. 'Bob' Hawley Jr.
9. David P. Rosen
10. Dr. Robert Aquino