10 Disruptive Forces in Health IT

A free EMR? Crazy! A doctor challenging hospitals to save a specific amount of lives in a finite period of time? Pie-in-the sky thinking. Moving care from the traditional setting of a doctor's office to the Internet? Patients will never go for it.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

In a fragmented industry like healthcare, one with many entrenched interests that simply don't have a lot of motivation to change, disruption can be a positive thing. Information technology itself often has been disruptive in healthcare, but elements of health IT have been around long enough that they, too have become part of the establishment. Some forward thinkers keep on innovating, though, and keep on disrupting the status quo.

What distinguishes truly disruptive individuals from the status quo are a maverick spirit, a willingness to fight for what they believe is right and the ability to motivate others to embrace their fresh ideas. With that in mind, FierceHealthIT presents 10 disruptive forces in health IT. Click on any of the names below to learn more.


Asif Ahmad - Duke University Health System

Donald Berwick - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Jonathan Bush - athenahealth

Ryan Howard - Practice Fusion

Don Jones - Qualcomm

Edward Marx - Texas Health Resources

Deborah C. Peel - Patient Privacy Rights Foundation

Patricia Skarulis - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Evan Steele - SRSsoft

Allen Wenner - Primetime Medical Software

10 Disruptive Forces in Health IT