1. "Amazing Things Are Happening Here"

By Zack Budryk

Healthcare organization: New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Format: Video, text

Leadership workshop instructor and author Michael Stallard singled this campaign out for praise, citing its use of personal stories to put a human face on New York-Presbyterian. The campaign features video testimonials and accompanying text for 20 of the hospital's patient success stories, like Evan Levy, who was on an ineffective drug and therapy regimen for his ulcerative colitis, but didn't learn he needed to have his colon removed until a consultation at New York-Presbyterian, or Dawn Flemming, who, after being told that her unborn child had an inoperable tumor, sought a second opinion at the hospital and was given a successful tumor removal/C-section. Nothing about this campaign feels artificial, and it's because of its use of real faces, voices, names and stories.

1. "Amazing Things Are Happening Here"