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Credentialing: The First Step to Getting Paid
Advantum Health

Credentialing is often overlooked by many practices. While not an overly complex process, it is often extremely time-consuming and requires much attention to detail. The more time it takes to receive approvals and verifications – the longer you can expect to wait for payments, if you are lucky enough to receive a payment.  Download the infographic now.

Healthcare CRM Playbook: 10 Plays to Help Marketers Score Big Wins

To conquer the market with CRM, you need a playbook that guides decision-making and adapts to changing consumer needs and preferences. In the Healthcare CRM Playbook, Healthgrades reveals the top 10 CRM plays to help your marketing team score points and pull off some big wins.  

A Better Patient Intake Process: Drive Operational Efficiency and Improve the Patient Experience
Tonic Health

By transforming your patient intake process away from the costly inefficiencies caused by paper, clipboards and even portals, organizations can immediately improve data accuracy, boost patient satisfaction, reduce administrative burden and ultimately power better patient outcomes. Download this whitepaper to learn more.

Realizing the value in value-based care
Philips Wellcentive

In a healthcare delivery era of tight margins and ongoing M&A activity, having a comprehensive and fully capable health IT system to succeed in value-based care payment models and population health management is key.  In part one of our three-part white paper on achieving these goals, the need to pursue an analytics platform to manage data for an entire health system of disparate, unlinked EHRs is examined. Download the whitepaper today.

Patient & Provider Realities Driving a Modern System of Agreement

Technology is only as fast as its slowest point. Paper forms, contracts, and documents are the quicksand that bogs down both patient care and provider business. However, three key realities are converging to push healthcare past paper-filled history and into the digital future. Learn more.

The Transformation of Behavioral Health Care Begins in the ED

Get in front of the crisis in emergency psychiatry. Learn how supply and demand intensifies the psychiatric crisis and what leading hospitals are doing about it.  Download the whitepaper now.

Executive Summary
AHIP Executive Roundtable Discussion Summary

At an event hosted by FierceHealthPayer, sponsored by Medecision, a select group of health insurance executives from across the country gathered in San Diego during the AHIP Institute & Expo to discuss where the healthcare industry is on its journey toward integrating population health models that can drive better outcomes for patients and deliver value across the continuum of care. Download the full summary to learn what these health plan execs had to say!

A holistic strategy for preventing internal breaches in patient data security

Implementing strong data security measures like identity and access management, SSO, and context management can do more for a hospital than simply deter hackers. Adopting a holistic strategy for preventing data breaches can transform a good hospital into a model of excellence. Read the whitepaper.

Better HCC Practices Improve Reimbursement, Quality Scores & More

Rather than risk losing millions of dollars, health plans are using automated coding support and machine-learning algorithms to improve HCC coding practices, reimbursement, quality scores and risk adjustment.  Download the whitepaper today.

Reinventing Utilization Management to Bring Value to the Point of Care
Change Healthcare

Automation can help transform a once burdensome UM process into a trusted, collaborative ecosystem that can reduce both administrative and medical cost. This transformation would benefit both payers and providers alike, and is well within reach using technology available today.  Download the whitepaper today.

How much could your practice save?
Change Healthcare

Reducing denials means your practice gets paid faster.  How can you proactively prevent denials and improve your bottom line? View this guide to find out.

The Continuing Need for Evidence in Healthcare

In this white paper, you will learn about the history and context of evidence-based medicine, as well as how the proliferation of research evidence has led to practical challenges, issues surrounding quality/transparency, and conflicts of interest. Download the whitepaper today.

Complex IT, simple approach: Ensuring security in an era of constant change

Bridging the gap between IT, security, and clinicians will be critical to ensuring systems are deployed securely, adopted by clinical staff, and quality patient care remains a top priority. This whitepaper explores how to adopt a simpler approach to data security within a complex IT environment.  Download the Whitepaper today.

5 critical activities required to control access risk

Manual provisioning processes create risk and burden staff. This whitepaper explores the challenges of manual provisioning and identity management processes and identifies the five critical activities required to control access risk within your organization.  Download the whitepaper now.

Optimizing the revenue cycle starts here: Compliance and coding
Ingenious Med

When physicians code incorrectly for services — through both over- and under-coding — it puts organizations at significant compliance risk and affects the bottom line. Read the whitepaper to learn about the true costs of incorrect coding and four ways to mitigate compliance risk.  Download this new white paper today.

Digital Transformation: Improving How Healthcare Does Business
Recorded on July 17, 2018 | DocuSign

Learn how digital transformation makes healthcare organizations more coordinated and more productive as they respond consumers' changing needs, examine the challenges and opportunities in this era of healthcare digitization, and forecast what’s ahead for digital healthcare in 2018 and beyond. Register now!

Interactive Text Messaging and Behavioral Science: Digital Conversations Change Lives and Improve Outcomes
Agile Health

Turning engagement into sustained behavior change and meaningful outcomes requires health improvement solutions to go beyond simply providing text messaging as a communication modality.

Gain insights from leading healthcare organizations and employers, including USC Keck School of Medicine, Sharp Rees-Stealy, and Walmart. Download the whitepaper now.

Home-Based Primary Care: A Path to High-Quality, Low-Cost Care
Home Centered Care Institute

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the future of Home-based primary care (HBPC), including how HBPC services deliver better value and outcomes for certain patient populations and training opportunities for providers.

Are Denials Costing You More Than You Realize?
Change Healthcare

Denials impact your bottom line in more ways than one. How much are they costing you? Download this infographic to find out.

Provider Directory Accuracy & Compliance: 5 Steps to Cleaner Data
Recorded on June 14, 2018 | Zelis

Struggling for provider directory accuracy? You’re not alone. 

Led by experts in healthcare legislation and analytics, this webinar provides a comprehensive approach to attaining provider data accuracy, including provider data market research and an overview of state-by-state data audit and review requirements. Register now.

Dual-Eligible Plan Improves EDPS/RAPS Outcomes and Recaptures Revenue
Babel Health

A community-based, dual-eligible health plan overcame its EDPS/RAPS challenges, minimized IT reliance and optimized revenue by partnering with Babel. With acceptance rates increased by more than 30% and millions in lost revenue recaptured—the results speak for themselves. Download the case study now!

Successful RPM Programs Start With Selecting the Right Members

Given the investment needed to develop an effective remote patient monitoring program and the desire to meaningfully improve outcomes and member health, it is critical to identify members best suited to this kind of care management intervention. Download our best practices today!

Thrive in a changing market with analytics as a core competency

You have all of the information you need to positively affect member care and reduce medical costs. The magical crystal ball to enable this: your data. Download this whitepaper from NTT DATA to learn more. 

The Value of Case Management in the ED
Recorded on Thursday, May 24, 2018 | Change Healthcare

Hospital emergency departments sit at the crux of the most expensive decision in the healthcare system, to admit or not admit a patient. As the industry makes further inroads into value-based care, the decision about whether to admit an ED patient to the hospital is crucial to both containing costs and ensuring appropriate care.

Register now to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of implementing case management in ED.

Behavior Change: Improving Outcomes by Guiding People to Success

Researchers suggest that personal behaviors cause more than 50% of illnesses. By listening, assessing and segmenting, and then tailoring interventions, you can launch the behavior-change process for improved outcomes and lower costs. Get the eBrief to learn how.

Executive Summary: Health Plan Claims Analysis Study | Reducing costs & improving outcomes in complex cases
This Executive Summary shares insights from a comprehensive, collaborative, claims-based study Teladoc recently conducted with a large health plan partner. 
A combination of claims data, comprehensive case data, and metadata extracted from each case were used to compare the impact on the members’ original treatment plan after expert recommendations were delivered through Teladoc’s Complex Case Consult service.
The study examined the impact on:
  • the cost of care
  • utilization of medical services in high-cost settings
  • outcomes


Automated HCC Coding Improves Payer Reimbursement & Quality Scores

Proven HCC technology helps health plans improve risk adjustment and minimize physician burden through:

  • Automated coding support
  • Machine-learning algorithms
  • Clinical integration

To learn how, download our new white paper.

Go Beyond Nursing: How to Optimize Your Entire Workforce
GE Healthcare

Every single employee in a hospital or health system plays a role in achieving business and financial goals. And with half of the overall costs being attributed to labor it makes sense to focus on strategies to reduce that spend…across the entire enterprise. Learn what aspects you might be missing.

The State of Care Coordination: 6 Illuminating Strategies You Should Know

The shift to value-based care, combined with rising costs due to chronic conditions, makes it more important than ever to engage with patients beyond the walls of care. Learn 6 strategies you can use to drive a successful care coordination program.

Get the eBook.

Defining Success in the Era of Health Care Consumerism: How Health Systems Can Build Loyalty, Preference and Trust Through Transparency and Guidance

With so many health systems and hospitals out there, how does a person tell them apart? One way to set your brand apart is to give people all the info they need to make smarter choices and help guide them to the best options for their unique situations. Learn how.

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Infographic: Meet the Challenges of Rising Administrative Demands

Admin responsibilities have skyrocketed 3000% in recent decades, significantly increasing the business costs of healthcare. This infographic looks at these costs with a spotlight on credentialing—a prime example of a complex manual process easily (and immediately) improved with the right technology. Download Now!

Surge in Working Spouse Provisions Leads Healthcare HR Leaders to Seek Solutions to Make Them Work

In this whitepaper, learn when to outsource the work, how to choose between surcharge and carve-out options, how often to survey your employees, and the potential impact of ACA repeal and replace efforts on the approach. Download now.

Wellness Gone Wireless: Top 5 Trends Driving Telehealth in 2018

As we wait for concrete telehealth policy, this white paper outlines five key industry trends to watch that can help provide an adequate framework for executing a strategy to drive telehealth innovation. Download it now!

Denials Management: Easy as 1-2-3
Change Healthcare

Preventing claim denials in your hospital can be as easy as following the three steps outlined in a Change Healthcare white paper: The Denials Challenge: An Analytics-Driven Approach to Denial Prevention and Management. Download now.

Teladoc 2018 Virtual Healthcare Predictions

Teladoc is optimistic about the advancement of virtual care delivery serving the full spectrum of healthcare needs. Download the 2018 Predictions whitepaper and dive into the 8 ways virtual healthcare will impact you in 2018.

Breakthroughs in Patient Engagement and Behavior Change: Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Promoting Prevention of Cardiovascular Events

Innovations in patient engagement are demonstrating breakthrough results in reducing hospital readmissions. 

This whitepaper provides case studies with results and interviews with experts from the American Heart Association and other leading organizations. Download now!

Care and Cost Drive Healthcare Supply Chain Revolution

It’s time to change the way healthcare entitles interact with every participant in the supply chain for best practice inventory and cost controls. Learn how to change how hospitals think about the supply chain, and enable new workflows that move from reactive stock and selective inventory management to best practice demand planning and strategic sourcing. Download it now!

Whitepaper | IT smartphone strategy guide

Read this whitepaper to learn 4 steps to a smooth smartphone integration.  After reading this white paper, you will:
• Understand your technical infrastructure.
• Engage your clinical team.
• Create a roll-out and support strategy.

Challenge: Growing and Managing Provider Networks Efficiently

Trying to understand and manage the complex many-to-many relationships involved can be a daunting task when using traditional technology. See how our customers found a better way to manage provider networks on a unified platform. View Recording.

Quality Measure Improvement

Learn how one health plan leveraged point-of-care analytics to improve quality outcomes, resulting in a 2-Star Rating improvement for one challenging measure. Download now to learn more. 

Connection-Driven Care

This paper focuses on the challenges healthcare workers, both in and out of clinic, face in the growing mobile world. Learn more about: healthcare professionals’ increasing reliance on mobile devices, why connectivity is often the weakest link in healthcare and how the explosion of clinical data is transforming the healthcare industry.

6 Ways to Bolster the Benefits of Your EHR by Improving Communications in Your Hospital

This whitepaper explores six reasons why healthcare organizations need a complementary system to the EHR that enables messaging and collaboration among all members of the care team to support the real-world communication needs of physicians, nurses, and the organization overall. Download now!

Enabling Payer and Provider Collaboration in the Journey Toward Quality Care

Download this white paper that describes the new healthcare economy and outlines ways in which payers and providers can work together to achieve their quality goals. You'll learn about the role of data-driven, scalable quality management analytics that enables organizations to close gaps in care, avoid duplicative care, achieve high quality scores, and improve patient care. 

Managing Purchasing and Accounts in a Changing Provider Landscape
American Express

As providers continue to invest in new revenue opportunities, such as “microhospitals” and mergers, new challenges are presented. Download this eBook today to learn about best practices, and review case studies for managing today’s complex supply chain and accounts payable processes.