In-person and electronic communications between more than 30 companies reveal a plot to cause extreme price increases and eliminate competition, the complaint…

Planned Parenthood and its allies are looking to capitalize on interest in healthcare policy block the president’s Supreme Court nominee.

Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic told investors CMS' latest proposal is a sign it's backing telehealth for the long haul.

Cigna seeks to accelerate its efforts to reward value over volume, while Express Scripts wants to make the transition slowly.

CMS finalized a hospital payment rule that includes an additional $4.8 billion for inpatient services and a focus on medical records sharing.

HealthNet's practice of withholding payments to addiction recovery facilities has once again caught the attention of California's DOI.

Sen. Marco Rubio has officially introduced his "conservative" solution to paid family leave in Congress. 

While some believe the plans offer coverage alternatives, others say they are hardly coverage at all.