PBMs are hitting back against critics who blame them for rising drug prices, as the system they use to negotiate rebates hangs in the balance. 

NIH Director Francis Collins asked a working group to propose actions and policies to promote a safe, inclusive culture at NIH labs and conferences.

Voters in several states approved Medicaid expansion in ballot measures in the 2018 election, but the progress on those programs is decidedly slow. 

As the adoption of telehealth grows, health IT companies and healthcare providers become responsible for virtual care patient safety.

HHS Secretary Alex Azar is challenging Congress to take up the administration’s plan to end safe harbor protections for drug rebates. 

A new study finds that short-term insurance plans often market themselves as equivalent to ACA-compliant ones—and consumers are believing them.

The Trump administration wants to eliminate safe harbor protections for drug rebates negotiated by pharmacy benefit managers.

The number of new enrollees in Covered California healthcare plans plunged by nearly a quarter this year, officials announced Wednesday.