The future of healthcare - How Houston Methodist is reinventing patient care with a touchless experience
Recorded on October 27, 2020 | DocuSign

Michelle Stansbury, VP of innovation at Houston Methodist, the #1 hospital in Texas for patient care and safety, will share how the hospital reinvented the patient experience for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond and launched touchless patient registration in just 3 months. Register for the webinar to learn more.

Beyond the Basics - Unpacking the CMS Interoperability Rule
Recorded on October 22, 2020 | InterSystems

This webinar will discuss some of the recent updates from CMS, status from the CARIN Alliance on implementation guides and policy, and describe how an enterprise data platform approach can create the necessary foundation to prepare for successful implementation. Register now.

Better Mental Health Outcomes Through Whole Person Care
Recorded on October 21, 2020 | VirtualHealth

Discover how key industry players UPMC, Quartet Health and VirtualHealth are leveraging technology at the provider and payer levels to improve outcomes for individuals with mental illness. Register now.

How Health Plans Can Transform Member Experience in the Next Normal
Recorded on October 20, 2020 | Salesforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed glaring gaps in technology across the U.S. health system that are impeding the country’s ability to keep populations safe and healthy. To overcome these gaps, health plans need technological innovation that enables interoperability, enhances collaboration and communication, and delivers valuable member experiences. Register now.

A Guide to Regulatory Policies on Post-Marketing Requirements for Drug and Medical Device Makers
Recorded on October 15, 2020 | Elsevier

This webinar explores the latest regulatory requirements in the post-marketing setting. It provides details about some of the most recent developments in this area, including a move by the FDA in 2018 to require that companies marketing drug-device combination products report all complaints about safety to the agency. Register now!

Trick or Treat? Don't be Haunted by Your Revenue Cycle - Navigating Your Revenue Cycle through the New Normal
Recorded on October 14, 2020 | Change Healthcare

Avoid getting spooked this Halloween season by focusing on revenue cycle best practices — and preventing common problems from haunting your practice for years. Join this webinar to determine tactics to ensure that your revenue cycle avoids getting "tricked" this fall. Register now.

10 Ways to Increase Your Average Patient Collection Rate
Recorded on: October 13, 2020 | Zoll Data

As Providers are facing dramatic increases in self-pay patients due to COVID-19 and relying more on their patients for full payment of services, the likelihood they are able to collect all that is owed them is dwindling. In our webinar, you will walk away with strategies to increase your average patient collections despite bad payer behavior, unfunded mandates, and an ever-increasing self-pay population. Register now.

How to Make Data Useful for Providers
Recorded on October 7, 2020 | NTT DATA

As the industry moves away from fee-for service, it has become a challenge for payers to provide data to physicians in a way that helps them—especially as regulatory deadlines loom. To do that, organizations must find a way to extract actionable insights that doctors can leverage at the point of care. Register now to learn more.

Interoperability: The opportunity beyond ONC/CMS deadlines
Recorded on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 | Google Cloud

Healthcare data interoperability has become part of the industry’s new normal. But instead of piecing together a short-term compliance fix, there are strategies and solutions you can use to comply and put your organization on the cutting edge.

Register now to discover how the cloud can help you get a compliant solution up and running faster, while also preparing you for long-term success. 

The Value of Genome Sequencing for Patients, Hospitals and Payers
September 24, 2020 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Illumina

Join us and experience the value of clinical genome sequencing.  You will understand what genome sequencing is and is not, how it changed the life of one family, and how clinicians use it. Learn how access and use a value assessment tool to see if genome sequencing can benefit your population. Register now. 

Webinar - Telehealth 2.0: Cloud-Based Communications
Recorded on September 22, 2020 | RingCentral

Telehealth is becoming the “new normal” for healthcare delivery and optimization.

Providers now have an imperative to evaluate and use cloud-based communications platforms to support next generational virtual care services.

Join Gregg Malkary, Michael Brown, and RingCentral in the live webinar Telehealth 2.0: Cloud-Based Communications, as they explore how cloud-based communications can enrich the telehealth experience for clinicians and patients through integrated messaging, video, and phone capabilities. Register now.

Surprise Balance Bills in the COVID-19 Era
Recorded on September 17, 2020 | 2PM ET / 11AM PT | Zelis

Legislation mandating free testing doesn’t put an end to surprise bills from COVID-19. Reimbursement provisions on COVID-19 claims were included in two Coronavirus aid packages signed into law in March. But loopholes in the law and confusion about coverage have led to surprise medical bills that are hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Learn how you can help protect clients and members from surprise bills on COVID-19 claims. Register Now.

How the “Amazonification of Care” Helped MIMIT Health Grow 40% with No Added Labor
Recorded on September 16, 2020 | Saykara & MIMIT Health

If you are looking for clear and precise strategies on how to grow an ambulatory practice with no added labor, this webinar is for you. You will learn how MIMIT Health, a multi-specialty Chicagoland medical group, applied the tech-forward, customer-centric principles of Amazon to grow 40% while achieving the ultimate experience for patients, providers and staff. Register now.

Will Pharmacists Adopt New Vancomycin Guidelines?
Recorded on September 15, 2020 | InsightRX

Join this panel of industry experts as they discuss the results of a recent market survey on the challenges and benefits of adopting recent precision dosing guidelines for vancomycin. Register now.

The ONC/CMS Interoperability Rules – Start Now to Comply by the Deadlines
Recorded on August 5, 2020 | Wolters Kluwer Health

Beginning in 2021, payers must make individual claims and clinical data available to enrollees through open APIs using the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard. Patient clinical data will need to align with the United States Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) standard, which contains data elements new to health plans. Register now.