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The State of the Health Care Industry in 2024

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The industry is straining against the limits of traditional business strategies. Amid the now-permanent challenge of an unstable workforce, an onslaught of new technologies and high-cost therapies, and deep inequities in outcomes and access, health care organizations are grappling with severe scrutiny from health plans and a competitive landscape that is solidifying around vertically-integrating behemoths. This presentation will explore the biggest market forces that leaders need to watch.


the advisory board

Nicholas Hula

Nick currently serves as a Research Consultant with Advisory Board’s Life Sciences, Pharmacy, and Diagnostics research team. In this role, he helps leaders across health care form valuable, cross-industry partnerships that enable a more efficient, reliable healthcare delivery system.

Nick joined Advisory Board in 2016 and has led research on a range of topics including cross-industry partnership strategy, healthcare site-of-care shifts, hospital medical device and equipment purchasing strategy, and healthcare supply chain management.

Prior to joining Advisory Board, Nick worked in business development for the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Nick has also studied global commerce and foreign relations, receiving his bachelor’s degree in International Business from High Point University.

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60 minutes