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The Power of AI in Healthcare Contact Centers

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60 minutes

The bar for patient experience in healthcare has never been higher. But delivering modern customer service comes with unique challenges in a healthcare setting, with success dependent on aligning processes, people, and technology in a coordinated strategy. This webinar explores how a leading hospital system developed, delivered, and optimized a transformative strategy for their consumer experience. We’ll discuss Memorial Healthcare System’s integrated and AI-infused contact center approach, how it plays into their digital and consumer experience philosophy, how it’s evolved over time, and the impact it’s made. 

Leaders in IT, patient access, healthcare contact centers, patient experience and digital strategy should join us to learn:

•    The role of AI in healthcare consumer experience today and tomorrow
•    Real applications of generative AI in healthcare and how to evaluate them in your organization
•    Where the contact center fits in a leading digital strategy
•    The impact of EHR integration with communication and call center platforms
•    Outcomes from using AI to deflect inbound calls and automating patient queries



Jeffrey Sturman

Jeff Sturman is Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at Memorial Healthcare System/South Broward Hospital District. Previously he was a Partner with a national healthcare IT consultancy. Mr. Sturman has over 25 years of healthcare experience, specifically in the planning, management and facilitation of digital transformation, organizational change, operational impacts, consumer and patient experience, and overall governance. He is an accomplished, results-driven executive with demonstrated success leading healthcare digital initiatives.

profile photo of Patty Hayward

Patty Hayward

Patty is the GM for Healthcare and Life Sciences at Talkdesk. She has over 25 years of industry experience helping healthcare organizations transform patient experience, medication safety, retail pharmacy, population health and ACO development and has worked for organizations such as McKesson and Aetna. Patty brings expertise in population health, pharmacy, process redesign and data integration for healthcare systems, and a passion for transforming healthcare.


Sam Seering

Sam Seering is the Product Manager of Cheers, Epic's CRM built for Healthcare. He collaborates with health systems and developers to create an integrated customer relationship management platform to better understand patients and their unique needs. and helping them on whatever healthcare journey they may be on. Sam stared at Epic in 2012 on their analytics team before making the transition to Cheers in 2018.

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60 minutes