U.S. doctors have perfect track record on presidential picks

American doctors may be the Nostradamus of presidential politics.

Physicians have a perfect record when it comes to predicting the next president, according to a MedPage Today report. As the race for the White House continues this election year, the publication says its readers have accurately picked the new president in surveys spanning eight years.

That could be good news for Hillary Clinton, since in three surveys since 2015, readers have picked her ahead of other candidates by a wide margin, the publication says. Clinton had the votes of 36 percent of readers in the most recent survey, conducted in April.

Donald Trump, headed to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, which begins Monday, drew 23 percent of the vote--but at the time of the survey there were still other Republican candidates in the race.

”The surveys are not scientific and only include those who choose to participate. They're merely a snapshot of what readers are thinking,” MedPage Today cautioned, adding that its readers generally show a liberal leaning. Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (who peaked at 27 percent) accounted for more than half of all readers’ votes, while candidates in the Republican field drew 41 percent of the vote.

But so far, those readers are batting a thousand on picking presidential outcomes--with the percentages coming pretty close to the breakdown of the popular vote in the 2008 and 2012 elections, the publication said.

Physicians certainly have a wide range of healthcare issues they want the candidates to address.

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